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A Begging Blog For The Blog

So.. The title says it all. This is, I guess the beginning blog to the new blog's i will be writing. The idea for this has been lingering for quite some time now. You see, I stay in touch with 99% of clients that purchase a pup from us. I really enjoy seeing updates and hearing about new adventurous they are going on with their family. It is nice to keep that connection with clients for multiple reasons, I suppose one of the biggest reasons is for educational purposes. When we are selecting future clients to pair them with a pup, I don't expect them to know everything about the breed. I mean i have been doing this for years now, and i am still learning new things on a daily basis about them. The main thing we look for is love and care, is this family or person capable of loving this dog and giving it the proper care it needs? If the answer to that question is yes then we move forward in the process, the next question is how much does this person know about this breed? Or are they willing to learn about the breed? When screening new clients we typically give them a crash course almost immediately if they show an interest, even before we discuses a deposit or a price. This does two things for us, 1 it shows the level of interest they have in the breed, 2 it shows us some of their characteristics and if we feel they will be a suitable client for our pup.

Getting to the point of these blogs, education. On a daily basis I speak to A LOT of people. Rather that be past clients asking questions, future clients or just a random person that has a few questions. I actually enjoy answering these questions for people! Because i really love what I do and consider myself blessed that I am able to do it. With that being said, I do feel it becoming more and more difficult to answer every email or phone call. Our business is expanding quicker then I ever thought possible! So on an average day I may answer 15 phone calls or more and SEVERAL emails. Which is absolutely fine, the problem with this is sometime I feel the conversation might have been cut short or I didn't really get a chance to explain their question in the detail I would have liked. So that is why we are here now. Ideally I would like to write at least 1 blog per week, in great detail long winded and uninterpreted lol.

I will be focusing on the frequently asked questions I get, exercise, nutrition & diets, growing stages and I plan to also touch on more in depth topics. Things I get asked, but what I also feel will benefit an owner of this breed such as genetics, breeding process, whelping a litter and so on. I want to make this crystal clear, I am not a licensed veterinarian, what I blog about is what works best for me. That doesn't mean that the way I do things is the perfect way of doing it. I am certain I will make mistakes and give out some misinformation. Remember I am also still learning, there are lots of things I don't know. This blog will also help me educate myself more as well. Treat this blog as a tool, take the pieces of information you need from it and do your own research before implementing it with your program or dogs. This does not mean I will no longer be taking phone call or answering emails regarding questions. I am just looking to streamline things and give everyone that is looking to learn and gain knowledge a place to come.

I am really looking forward to this new.. thing.. If there is a specific topic you want me to cover reach out!

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