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  First off let me say thank you for visiting our website! My name is Josh, I am the owner of Blue Iron Kennel along with my dedicated partner and wife Jessie. We are located in Northern Florida. For as long as i can remember I have been an animal lover of all sorts, but have always had a special bond with dogs in particular.


  I am fortunate enough to be living my dream raising these beautiful dogs, and continuing to better this breed. Breeding dogs is so much more then putting two dogs together that "look good." There are countless hours of research, health testing and planning that go into each breeding. Our number one goal is to produce healthy, athletic dogs with great temperaments. 

  All of our dogs are purebreds and registered with several organizations across the world. So take a look around! If you think our dogs are a great fit for you and your family, feel free to reach out with any questions!


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Puppies Born 6-26-21

Call Josh 904 - 517- 4100

  This is one for the books! Goldenbays Cora & Sunlines Kabuku are expecting to make magic with this breeding. Kabuku is one of only three Merle sons of the legendary Sunlines Casino in the WORLD! This will also be his first breeding! Kabuku is a lilac merle who also happens to be a tri carrier. Cora is an absolute freak of nature she is a sight to see! Cora is also a ghost tri so we are expecting some very colorful pups with amazing structure and temperament! This is honestly a breeding of a lifetime, so if you are looking for an amazing pup reach out to reserve!

Goldenbays Cora

Sunlines Kabuku


Male A


Male B


Male C


Male D


Male E


Female A


Female B


Female C


Female D


Adult Male's 


Height - 24 Inches

Weight - 82 lbs

  Thumper's has a one of a kind pedigree for today's standards. He is made up almost entirely of Iron Cross. This bloodline was created in the early 2000's and is responsible for bringing height and muscle definition to the XL class. The creator of this line no longer breeds making it sought after more and more today. Some of the legends in his Pedigree include ICK Morran, ICK Stalefish, ICK Hollywod I Am and many more! 



Height 28 inches

Weight 175 lbs 

  Warden is truly one of a kind. He is the largest Xl we have ever seen. We believe that once he reaches maturity he will be the largest XL on record. He was produced in Germany by our good friends at FB Bullys. We imported Warden into the United States when he was just three months young. He simply has an amazing pedigree that consists of BGK, RGB, Iron Cross and New Atlas. Without question Warden will produce some of the biggest XL's to date!

Adult Female's


Height 23 inches

Weight 115 lbs

  Cora is considered what we call a " shemale " her height weight and structure is comparably to some male XL's. Cora is also a " Ghost Tri " meaning she is a tri color carrier. You can see her golden points peaking out above her eyebrows. Cora's bloodline is impeccable. Her mother Babaline's  ( based in Germany ) Queen Isabella owned by our good friends at Goldenbay's Kennel, is one of the biggest female's we have seen to date! Without a doubt Cora will produce female's her size and male's much LARGER!


Height 23 inches

Weight 108 lbs

   Where do we begin! Sonsa is a jaw dropper! She is a Blue Tri with an unbelievable pedigree. She is the daughter of Babaline's Bambi and BGK's King Buddy. Making her the granddaughter to two incredible legend's BGK's Cujo and RBG's King Liger! It is rare to see a blue tri with this pedigree let alone her size!


Height 21 inches

Weight 72 lbs

   Ava is a proven producer of size, structure and temperament. Her pedigree is very similar to Thumper's, she is also almost entirely Iron Cross. In fact we specifically brought Thumper and Ava into our program to compliment one another. Ava overproduces herself each time! All while passing down her second to none temperament and amazing structure. She is absolutely a staple in our program!



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